YRC Weblink

YRC Weblink 1.4.2

Browser the web faster and easier with the all new Weblink

Browser the web faster and easier with the all new Weblink

Thanks for believing in us, here we present you the final release candidate of the software, the build is perfect but can still contain some small bugs. Please cooperate and report every error to us so that we can make it more perfect and easy for you!

This version contains the following components:

1. YRC Weblink RC 1

2. YRC Data SyNc (Beta) (Will not work with RC 1)

3. YRC Error Reporting Service

4. YRC App Store Plugin Manager(Beta)

5. YRC Software Engine R9

6. YRC Software Diagnosis Service

7. YRC Turbo Downloader Plugin

8. Data Sync

9. Note

New Features:

1. Supports Multiple Tabbing

2. All new Metropolitan Interface

3. Supports Latest HTML 5 technology & latest WebGL (Experimental)

4. 3D Web Technology

5. Supports Windows XP to Windows 8

The software has a unique style, speed and ability and mind, its cute for users & dangerous for hackers, its safest ever with the all new OSPFC support and faster with software engine R8.

This software is meant for every one who loves internet, a fast browser , fantastic downloader and 3D web technology support that is needed by everyone.

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YRC Weblink


YRC Weblink 1.4.2

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